In this best flea fogger reviews we will provide you with the details that you need to make an informed purchase decision. We have identified the top 5 best flea foggers available, and each one is separately reviewed so that you can decide on which one is right for you.

How to use a Flea Fogger

best flea foggerThe very first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your home will be free of people and pets for a number of hours. Each flea fogger will require a different amount of time for it to be safe for family and pets to return to your home, so please read the label carefully and be sure to follow the instructions.

Now it is time to get your property prepared for the flea bomb. You will need to close all of the windows and then open all of the cabinets and draws. Your furniture needs to be covered and you need to switch off the power.

You will get the best results if your home is clean. So get the vacuum cleaner out and really clean your house prior to using a flea fogger. Your vacuum will vibrate, and this can cause flea larvae to emerge for targeting by the flea bomb. Make sure that you remove any dirty laundry from your house.

It’s time to position your flea fogger now. Choose a spot in the middle of a room and place it on some newspaper on the floor. The newspaper is important as you don’t want the flea foggers to stain your floors.

Be sure to place all of the flea bombs before you activate any of them. When all are in place you can start activating the flea foggers. Evacuate your home as soon as possible after this as you do not want exposure to pesticide and then to fall ill.

Do not return to your home until the recommended time has elapsed. This is very important.


How does a Flea Fogger work?

A flea fogger uses insecticide to kill the fleas. The flea fogger that you use may contain any one or more of these pesticides:

It is pretty unlikely that using flea foggers will remove all of the fleas from your home 100%. But they will do a good job. The problem is that the eggs of a flea are really tiny and can hide in carpet and fabric fibers. A couch is a great hiding place for flea eggs.

Important Flea Fogger Safety Warnings

flea fogger safety warningFlea foggers spray poisons around and this can be really dangerous for any pets in your home. Be sure to take them away when you are using flea bombs.

Never use more than one flea fogger per room, as chemical residue is left and with more than one flea fogger this can be very dangerous to your family and pets.

Whatever you do don’t inhale flea fogger gas. If this does happen then seek urgent medical advice.

The gas from flea foggers can be highly flammable, so it is essential that you switch off the power before you activate them.

If a family member suffers from asthma then you need to think twice about using flea foggers. This can cause a problem even after 2-3 days, so keep them away for longer if you intend to use a flea fogger.

It is best to remove all foodstuffs from the home before using a flea fogger.

When you are activating a flea fogger be sure to keep your face away from the can. It is usual for flea foggers to spray vertically, and a direct hit in the face can be disastrous.

If you keep birds as pets then move them as far away from flea foggers as possible as they are very sensitive to the poisons. The same applies to fish. Cover your fish tank properly or remove it from your home altogether.

Best Flea Fogger Top 5 For Home

We have looked at many products and have decided on the top 5 best flea fogger based on performance and price. We have conducted a mini flea fogger review on each product so you have the information that you need to purchase the best product for your needs.

Raid Flea Fogger Review

raid flea fogger reviewRaid is a very well known brand of insect killer and repellent products. This best flea fogger is particularly effective as it will not just kill the fleas but the hatching eggs as well. When used properly the Raid flea fogger will kill hatching eggs for a period of up to 4 months.

Each pack contains 3 cans of 5 ounces each. The fog used is water based and will enable you to treat entire rooms with just one can. Although this is primarily a flea fogger, it will also kill a number of other insects such as roaches, ants, house flies, spiders and ticks.

When using the Raid flea fogger the room sizes will need to be larger than 5 feet by 5 feet. If you use the product in a small room like this then there is a danger of too much chemical residue being deposited in such a small area. This can be dangerous to your family and pets for days afterwards.

If you do have a small room like this then the answer is to use the flea fogger in an adjacent room and let the fog penetrate the small room as well. Each can comes with its own stand that will support it while the fogging is taking place.

The Raid flea fogger canisters are fairly compact in size. Each one measures 3.3 inches in height by .45 inches wide and weighs just 1.4 pounds. The product contains growth regulator virgin and is straight forward to use.

Customers who purchased this product tended to like it and felt that it did a good job of killing the fleas in their homes. One also remarked about how this was safer than other flea foggers and there is a low poison content which means that it is safer for the family and pets. This product is highly recommended.

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Hot Shot Flea Fogger Review

Hot Shot Flea and Bed Bug FoggerThis product is not just a best flea fogger but a bed bug killer as well which some other products in our review do not claim to do. The manufacturer claims that the Hot Shot 95911 Bedbug and Flea Fogger kills ticks, lice and other unwanted pests as well.

The flea fogger pack from Hot Shot has 3 canisters that are 2 ounces. With each canister you will be able to treat rooms that are large – up to 16 feet by 16 feet and having a ceiling of 8 feet. If the space has no obstructions then it will work effectively in rooms up to 2000 square feet.

The Hot Shot flea fogger is powerful in its actions against fleas. It uses a powerful chemical, Nylar, and this stops fleas from growing into adults. This flea fogger should also prevent any re-infestations of fleas for a period of around seven months.

Most fleas and other annoying pests will hide away in rugs, carpets, upholstery, drapes and curtains and even in open cabinets and cracks in the floor. According to the manufacturer, this flea fogger will reach these hidden insects where other flea foggers cannot.

Customers had mixed views about the effectiveness of the Hot Shot flea fogger. A number gave it a five star review and said that the product worked well. Others were not so complimentary and felt that the flea fogger was not that effective.

This product worked well in our tests so we are happy to recommend it and award it second spot in our list.

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Vet Kem Flea Fogger Review

Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus flea FoggerThis is a best flea fogger that will exterminate adult fleas and ticks as well as prevent hatching eggs and larvae developing into adult biting fleas. This prevention of the young fleas being able to grow into adults is effective for a period of around seven months. This is all thanks to an ingredient called Precor IGR.

You will also be able to prevent flea re-infestation with this product. Each 9 ounce pack contains 3 fogger cans that are 3 ounces each. One of these cans can effectively treat a room of up to 3,000 square feet in size. You can treat your entire home in one go or use the product for simultaneous multi room treatments.

Another good feature of the Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus Fogger is that you will not be left with any sticky messes or odors after you have activated the foggers. The same cannot be said for other flea fogger products.

The customer reaction to this product is fairly positive and a lot of people were delighted by how effective this flea fogger was. The positive reviews certainly outnumbered the negatives. We believe that this product is an effective treatment for fleas and other insects and is well worth considering.

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Zodiac Flea Fogger Review

zodiac flea foggerIt is possible that you may have heard of Zodiac insecticides before as the company is pretty well known and they have a good reputation. In this pack you will receive 3 canisters of 3 ounce flea foggers each.

The product is a best flea fogger first and foremost, but it will also see off mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, silverfish and a host of other insects. It is for indoor use only and contains a dual action formula for the provision of the most effective treatments.

With one canister of Zodiac 100521158 Room Fogger you will be able to provide flea fogging treatment for a single room of up to 1,125 square feet. Other flea foggers claim that they can treat rooms effectively larger in size than this.

Like other flea foggers the Zodiac 100521158 Room Fogger will provide protection from flea re-infestation for a period of up to 7 months. The manufacturers also claim that after using their flea fogger you will not experience any sticky messes or odors that linger.

There were mainly positive customer reviews for this flea fogger. A number of people said that not only did it kill the fleas but other annoying bugs as well. A few customers had a different view and did not find the product as effective as the manufacturer claimed.

Overall we were quite impressed with the Zodiac 100521158 Room Fogger which is why it made our top 5 list. We consider it worthy of recommendation as a solution to your flea infestation problem.

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Adams Flea Fogger Review

adams flea foggerThis is a relatively new flea fogger pack from Adams with 3 X 3 ounce cans instead of the old 6 ounce cans. One can is suitable for use in a family sized room up to a maximum size of 3,000 square feet. So if your largest room has dimensions of 25 feet by 15 feet and has an 8 foot ceiling then you will be fine.

The main aim of the Adams Plus Room Fogger is the killing of fleas and flea eggs, but it can be used to exterminate other pests such as ticks, silverfish, mosquitoes and more. When used to kill fleas it will provide you with protection from re-infestation for as long as seven months.

It is essential that you follow the instructions for use provided in the pack as this flea fogger has some pretty nasty chemicals inside. This is bad news for the fleas and other insects, and could be bad news for you and your pets if you don’t use the product properly.

When you have finished using the product and you are back at home there should be no lingering odors to contend with. Like most of the flea foggers available there were good and bad reviews for the Adams Plus Room Fogger.

A fair number of customers said that they were very impressed with the product and that it did get rid of all of their fleas. Other customers did not get the same results and left critical reviews. It worked reasonable well in our tests and we are happy to recommend it.

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Best Flea Fogger Conclusion

All of the best flea fogger that we have reviewed here will do a similar job. Please consider the size of your rooms when you are choosing your best flea fogger from our top 5 list. You do not want to spend money on a product and then find that it will not be effective in your larger rooms.

Flea foggers contain dangerous chemicals and you must be careful when using them. Failure to adhere to the instructions properly could lead to severe health problems and even the death of your pets. If the product tells you to stay away from your home for a specified number of hours then make sure that you do this.

In truth there is not that much to choose between the top 5 best flea foggers in our list. They will all kill fleas and prevent re-infestation, which is exactly what you want from this kind of product.

The Raid 5 ounce flea fogger is at the top of the list because it is an affordable solution to your flea problem from a well known and reputable brand. This does not mean that the other products are not effective too.

We sincerely hope that you have found this to be one of the better and more informative best flea fogger reviews and we wish you luck with your flea fogging!

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