Canine Flea Treatment

It is a common sight to see a dog in every household these days. These four legged loyal and cuddlesome bundles of energy bring into the atmosphere a lot of fun and joy. However it not taken care of your loyal companion will end up as a residence for fleas and ticks. There are a number of ways to treat your dog for fleas and ticks. You can resort to shampoos of you can try out herbal and natural based formulas.

For the control of ticks and fleas both dog as well as the surrounding areas have to be treated so that the problem will not occur again. Let us take a look at some of the various approaches that help eradicate the problem. Basically to prevent fleas and ticks from residing on your dog you need to implement a meticulous and well planned approach. You generally will have to resort to using synthetic based shampoos and products to get rid of the menace if the problem is too bad.

There are a number of synthetic fleas busting products that are available in the market. Products containing pyrethrin and pyrethroids have a low toxicity level as compared to other products. These products are available in shampoos, soap, powders, collars and aerosol sprays. There are also tablets that are available for the treatment of this condition.

You need to be very careful while applying these insecticides on your dog. Take care to see that the surroundings are clean and sterile. Do not apply the products in close proximity of the eyes and mouth. Take care as your pet may be sensitive to these products. 
To eradicate the problem from the base you need to clean you dog’s bedding on a daily basis to get rid of the eggs of these pesky insects. You can make use of insecticides and also mechanical means to rid yourself of this problem. You can use a vacuum cleaner to aid you but be sure to dispose of the waste bag in a safe and hygienic manner.

Daily ducting and laundering of your pets bedding will enable you to get rid of most of the larvae and eggs of these insects. The many other ways that could be employed to rid yourself of the larvae are using the steam rollers and making use of chemicals for the treatment of the bedding of your animal. You should also take care to disinfect the places that have a high probability of flea and ticks. This should be done so that your pet is not harmed when it frequents these areas. 

Flea prevention is not an easy job as I have said earlier. It requires a lot of planning and careful time management. You need to clean the areas of the house, kennels and bedding daily so that the growth of these insects can be arrested. Last but not the least do not expose your pets to harsh chemical products in your struggle to rid them of fleas and ticks. It is a gradual process and will subside once you take the necessary means and precautions.