Dog Flea Treatment

Dog owners tend to experience this more than any other pet owners; fleas. Fleas can be a big hassle for dog owners, and getting rid of them can be a challenge often times. Though, if you do discover that your dog has fleas, do not panic. There are many dog flea treatment methods available. To start off, be sure to groom your dog every couple of days. An overlooked, but very simple dog flea treatment method. Use a flea shampoo (which can be bought from a pet store). If you prefer not to buy flea shampoo, you can add neem oil to the regular shampoo that you use (it’s been proven to work quite well).

If you feel your dog does not have fleas yet, but is becoming “dirty” to the point that he may soon have flees, wash him regularly and use flea repellent. It is best to avoid even getting to the point where your dog has flees. Whichever approach you are taking, it is important to have a flea comb. Flea combs have special teeth that grab the fleas, and die when they are dipped into soap and water (after you stroke your dog once). 

If your dog has flea bites, you can use special oil mixed with water to stop his/her skin from becoming uncomfortable.Begin using flea repellent if your dog already has flees, as it is one of the most effective forms of dog flea treatment. Flea repellent is quite mild on the skin, and it is best to start mild than go strong right off the bat. Often times, people begin with very strong products, which may not be good for the dog’s health and skin.

There are many good brands of flea repellent, one of the best being Flea Away. If the problem is coming from inside your house, have your house cleaned and flea-free as soon as possible. There are several special anti-flea sprays available that can be used in homes. If you feel the flea problem in your house is not severe yet, begin by vacuuming and cleaning thoroughly.

The anti-flea products should only be used as a last resort, as they can contaminate the air, harming you, other people in the house, and your dog(s). If your dog has a bed, clean it thoroughly with water and soap. The problem may in fact be from your dog’s bed. Look for any moist places as well, as fleas often are found there.

If worst comes to worst, and none of the above methods are working, visit a vet. A vet can examine your dog and let you know how severe their case of fleas is. They may recommend certain dog flea treatment products. If not, they will recommend other methods of dog flea treatment. Either way, they will provide you with the best and most effective way of solving your dog’s problem as soon as possible. It may cost a bit to see a vet, but it is money well spent.