Edible Flea Treatment

Fleas are generally blood sucking parasites that make the life of your once healthy pet miserable and painful. These insects suck out blood from you pet causing pain and many health related problems. If not treated this problem could well take the life of your pet. 
There are a number of products in the market that are designed to combat these types of problems. These products come in various formulations and under various brand names. There are herbal as well as synthetic products in the market. You can consult your animal doctor to decide on the best product for your four legged pal.

The products in the market come in various formulations ranging from shampoos, soaps, treated collars, topical applications, sprays and tablets. There are some pets who dislike the application on flea products like shampoos and soaps on their body but will gladly eat a small little tablet designed for the same purpose. There are a number of brands in the market that manufacture tablets for the treatment of flea infestations. 

Their products are marketed under names like Frontline, Vectra 3-d, Capstar, K9 advantix and Johnson’s 4Fleas. All these products are in the tablet form. These products are available in mostly all leading stores and also over the internet. Once you purchase the formula after taking help from you vet you need to follow directions mentioned by the manufacturer. These directions differ from product to product thus take care not to mix up dosages while treating your pet. These tablets come in flavored forms like beef and fish and they prove to be a hit among dogs and cats. Some of these tablets contain nitenpyram that is designed to curtail the rise in the population of these insects.

These tablets have no side effects but take care to use products designed for dogs only on dogs and for coats on cats only. You need to take this precaution as some of the dog products contain ingredients that are harmful for cats. You can give these tablets to puppies as well as kittens about 6- 8 weeks old. These tablets acts faster than the conventional topical applications and you can see results within 30 minutes. The main ingredient nitenpyram is and adulticide that kills adult fleas and tick on the body of your pest. It thus causes a break in the life cycle of these insects. These tablets can be given whenever you fell your pets is infested with these insects. Along with the daily course of medicines you also need to maintain a high level of cleanliness in and around your house. 

You need to clean and vacuum your pets bedding daily and take proper care while disposing animal waste products. You can either make use of chemical means like flea powders or mechanical means like steam rollers to help you clean the bedding of of your pets. Take care to cover your face and keep children outdoors while performing these duties. Thus with daily medication and cleanliness maintained you can win the war against these pesky critters.