Flea Spray Treatment

A common sighting in any middle class home is that of a pet, be it a dog or a cat or any other animal. Having a pet is a must as these bundles of fur bring a lot of excitement and energy into the atmosphere of the home. However we also need to take care of our pets to keep them free from health problems. Sometimes we may not take note of some of the problems affecting our pet and the poor animal gets sick and distraught. Among one of the problems that arises due negligence on the part of the owner is that of flea and tick infestations.

It is often seen that due to the fast paced life people do not have time to spare to take care of their pets or even for that matter their own children. It is due to these circumstances the problems ticks and fleas come about. However if you find your pet suffering from this condition do not panic as there are products in the market that are designed to help you. These products are synthetic or factory made. They come in various types of formulations like shampoos, topical applications, treated collars, powders and sprays. 

Treatment of this condition is not at all immediate. It takes some time for the effects to be seen. You need to be patient while treating your pet. It is up to you as to which formula you would like to use to treat your dog. You can choose from either herbal or synthetic variety. If you are a working person you can opt for the flea treatment sprays in the market. Some of the branded manufacturers are Frontline, Vectra, Biospot, Gentle Touch and Adams that cater to the industry dealing with this problem. These sprays are handy and not messy to use. They come with attached dispensers and are designed in a way such that they can be easily held in the hand.

You need to follow the directions for use as mentioned on the bottle. Generally you need to spray the formula in the places that are infested with fleas and ticks. For this you need to part the hair so that the formula reaches the affected parts. After the formula has been applied you need to keep your dog dry so that the formula can act. After suitable results are seen usually within a few hours you can wash off your pet. These formulas are stored under the skin of the animals and provide protection from ticks and fleas for a month after the first application. 

These formulas prevent flea allergy dermatitis and deter the growth of fleas. They have a compound known as IGR which interferes with the life cycle of the fleas causing a stop to the problem. Take care not to mix products and explicitly follow the directions of the manufacturer. You also need to ensure cleanliness of the house and surrounding for the total eradication of this menace.