Flea Tick Treatment

Every pet owner must have experienced sometime or the other the horror of realizing that their prized pet has fleas on it. The flea tick treatment is basically divided into two parts. One is the topical flea treatment used and the other is the oral treatment. Let us look at both these treatments for flea ticks and see which one is more effective.

A topical flea and tick treatment is something that is applied to the pet on the spots where you notice the fleas seated. It is applied on the skin usually between the shoulders as this is the spot for more accumulation of the ticks. These treatments use an ingredient called an Insect Growth Regulator which stops the fleas from laying eggs and larvae formation. This way the life-cycle of the flea is broken. There are topical treatments like K9 Advantix for dogs which are water resistant. Hence, even after your dog has a bath or goes for a swim it continues working.

The next option available to pet owners is an oral treatment. This is a monthly pill that goes on to break the flea life cycle. Once the eggs and larvae are stopped from developing there will be no adult fleas around. Program is a product that deals with this. It can be combined with another product that can kill adult fleas too in order to make it one hundred percent effective. There are products like Capstar which kill adult fleas in as less a time as thirty minutes and lasts until twenty four hours.

Out of both these methods discussed above pet owners prefer the topical treatments as it is a good way to control fleas and ticks. They are easy to apply and there is no need for a reapplication for the next one month.