Flea Treatment Information

When you look at your pet infested by fleas it wrings your heart for sure. You do not want these parasites sponging onto your pet. If you are looking for flea treatment then the most popular ones are Frontline, Advantage, Program and Revolution. There are other varieties too besides the natural ways that are popular with some pet owners too. Lots of pet owners do not want to risk the pet’s health by exposing them to the chemicals that are there in these medications and hence they opt for the natural flea products or remedies as plan B.

If you see that your pet has been badly infested by fleas, they are crawling all over its coat and it is constantly scratching then you will have to take quick action. Chemicals will work best in that case as they are effective and will show immediate effect on the fleas and the relief that it will render your pet.

There are different flea treatments available for different pets. You could get them in the form of tablets, sprays, drops and topical lotions to be applied. A lot will also depend on the age of your pet, whether it has any allergies, whether you want to kill fleas as well as any other ticks on their coat and if the pet has any prescribed bathing restrictions.

Besides these there are several other methods that you could try. They are flea collars and flea combs. You also have flea dips and shampoos. Some people also try flea floggers and flea bombs. There is a special kind of soil which is made from crushed algae fossils called Diatomaceous Earth. This when dusted on the yard will kill the fleas and not allow them to spread. Then you have nematodes which are worms that feed on fleas.