Flea Treatment Program

It is extremely common for dogs to have fleas. Dogs groom themselves really well therefore you might not be able to see the fleas on the coat but they are certainly there. So just because you cannot see the fleas on your pets’ coat does not mean that they are not there. The most effective way to know if there is a flea infestation on your pet is to look out for flea faeces. The fleas that infect your pets be they dogs or cats can be quite dangerous to their health. They can cause a lot of health problems including bubonic plague.

The best flea treatments are available over the counter. They can be made from completely natural products too. Most flea treatments can be mixed in with their food to make administering them quite simple. Flea control medications come in the form of tablets for dogs and liquids for cats. Fleas live on blood hence if the blood of your pet has some of the medication in its blood stream, then new fleas will not be attracted to your pet. Some of the medications available actually attack the flea’s teeth. A flea without its bite will not survive for long. The medication will also work on the fleas to stop them from laying eggs and prevent eggs from hatching.

These flea medications work so well that within twenty-four hours your pet will be free of any infestation. They will be able to move around freely with other pets and children without any fear of re-infestation. The medication is completely harmless for your pets too. Only the fleas are affected. Thus your pet and your family will be able to live completely flea free. Most flea treatment programs require re-medicating your pet once per month.