Flea Treatment Shampoo

Now days it is a common to assume that a house not only caters to the residence of the family members it also is the residence of a loyal four legged companion. It is seen that in households where there are children a pet is a must to add that felling of energy and joy to the atmosphere. However you need to take a lot of care of your pets as they are susceptible to many animal related diseases. The most common problem that dogs and cats are prone to is fleas and ticks. These pesky critters live under the hair and make life hell for you and your dog.

There are a number of treatments in the market that are solely devoted to treat these kinds of problems. These products range from shampoos, topical applications, sprays and collars that are treated to ward off these insects. These formulas are available as herbal as well as synthetic packages. The principles of working of each type are different. The herbal varieties follow a slow and gradual approach when used to treat this problem while the synthetic products contains ingredients that are fast acting and you can see results within six to twenty- four hours. 

There are a number of shampoos available that are used to counter the infestation of fleas and ticks. Some of the famous brands in the market are Frontline and Vectra. These products contain ingredients like Fipronil, Dinotefuran, Permethrin and Pyriproxifen that help to combat this problem in a meticulous and sure way.

These shampoos can be used on dogs as well as cats but take care while using products containing permethrin as this is harmful for your feline companions. As cats groom themselves vigorously they will pick up traces of this ingredient which can harm them. This direction is for all products that contain this ingredient. These shampoos have to be applied all over the dogs or cats body after reading the instructions carefully. You can ask your vet to help you decide the best brand to use for your pet. These shampoo bottles come with specially designed dispensers that are easy to use.

You need not pierce a hole in the bottle to let the liquid flow rather you just need to hold the bottle to your pet’s body and let the formula come out. This is made east as these bottles come with attached dispenser heads. Take care to apply the formula well into the coat of your pet and away from sensitive places like the eyes, mouth and anal glands. You need to keep on rubbing the formula well till it reaches the skin of your pet and keep it like that for about five to ten minutes. 

After this wash your dog of well. These products are fast acting and you will be able to see the results in a short period of time. However take care to read the instructions carefully and apply the formula according to the manufacturer’s instructions which failing to adhere to will cause added problems for your already distraught pet.