Flea Treatment Side Effects

Are we actually poisoning our pets by using all these toxins on them in our zeal to rid them off fleas? We have all kinds of toxic medicines, flea and tick rid shampoos, powders, sprays and dips. In fact you name them and they are there for sale. Our pets are coming more closely in contact with these toxins which go on to cause them grave health concerns and allergies.

The dog collar that you make your pet wear around his neck is actually poisonous. The sprays that you spray are constantly inhaled by your pet and digested. In fact every time that you hug your pet you too come in contact with the powders and substances that you have used on their coats. Your pet might be able to get rid of the fleas but come down with an adverse reaction due to the medication and oral topical treatments used. Recently, FDA has received as many as 6000 complaints of pet reaction because of a drug that their pets were administered.

When buying flea control products ensure to check out which pet is suited for what. Read the fine print and you will know more about the harmful side effects of the product. More and more vets are seeing pets who are brought in to them with liver disease, heart disease, nervous system disorders, cancers, diabetes and other such fatal diseases. Previously, this wasn’t the case and certainly our pets have more exposure to medication and toxins than ever before.

Protecting your pet from all this is your duty and you must ensure that you do not overexpose them to chemicals. Be prudent about the use of flea products and use them judiciously. Your pet and its health is dependent on your sound judgment, do not let them down.