Free Flea Treatment

Chemicals that help you get rid of fleas are costly and detrimental to your pet’s health. You could look around for something that is free or if not so then less expensive for sure.

There are quite a few pet owners who swear by the recipes that they have from using the things from their kitchen. Each family seems to have a recipe like this for control of fleas but one never knows how effective they turn out to be.

Next, we have flea collars. These are not free but they are a onetime investment and last for a long time too. Fleas have an affinity with anything to do with citrus. Therefore, you have d’Limonene which is derived from citrus peels. What you could try doing is rub your pets’ coat with citrus peels and spread them liberally on their bedding and around the house. The strong smell of citrus will drive the fleas away for sure.

There are certain other oils that are known to drive the fleas away. They are tea tree and pennyroyal oils. You can try and get these barks and keep them near the pet’s bedding or rub their coat with it. A word of caution though, the first time that you apply it on your pet apply a little bit of it and check for any allergies or reactions. Although, this will be unlikely as it is a natural component.

The best thing that you could do is to keep the house squeaky clean. This method is certainly free and a great plus for all the inhabitants too. Fleas love dark and dirty places. Whenever you vacuum, clean and mop you are killing hundreds of fleas hiding in dingy nooks and crevices.

Wash the area where your pet sleeps and the bedding too. Air these out too as the sun is a natural disinfectant and you don’t have to pay any money to get it.

When you shampoo your pet, use lemon squeezed into the water used for the bath. Use it like the last rinse on the pet and don’t towel it. Let it dry naturally and you will see the fleas fall off.