Homemade Flea Treatment

You may love your pets, but if fleas are creating a nuisance, then it is time you started looking out for the right solutions for eliminating them. You can choose from a wide-variety of over-the-counter anti-flea sprays and powdered medications, but do remember that not all of them may be effective against fleas. You need to choose from reputable brands to ensure that the medication does not result in any side-effects for your pets.

Choosing the right flea treatment is also necessary because there have been cases in the past where pet owners themselves had became prone to allergic reactions induced by sub-par anti-flea products. If the flea problem is not severe, what you can do is try out homemade flea treatment options. But, for that, you first need to understand your pet’s main enemy, i.e. the flea. 

There are many different types of fleas, but most of them share a common characteristic, in that they need animal or human blood for survival. Your pets are more prone because they have more hair, something that makes it easier for fleas to cling on to them and make their way to the skin. From the ground up, fleas can jump quite high and reach up to 6-8ft. So, even if your pet is standing up and not actually lying flat on the grass or carpet, fleas can still make it to your pet’s outer skin.

Eliminating fleas is necessary simply because they are an eyesore. Another good reason for eliminating them is the fact that fleas have been directly linked to a wide variety of diseases in both animals and humans. When using homemade flea treatment options for your pets, you can choose from repellants and preventive flea treatment options. Among repellents, eucalyptus leaves make for effective homemade flea treatment options. Eucalyptus leaves are easily available and the only thing you need to is sprinkle them at appropriate places such as corners and cracks. Borax is also an effective homemade flea treatment option that you can use for eliminating fleas.

Repellents may do their job, but if you are looking for long lasting freedom from fleas, we would recommend you focus more on preventive homemade flea treatment options. Here, it is important to note that trying out a combination of preventive homemade flea treatment solutions works much better than a standalone solution. As a preventive measure, one of the most important things you need to do is ensure that your floor or carpet is vacuumed regularly. Pay special attention to corners and cracks and damp and dark places because these are the preferred hideouts for fleas. 

Other things you can do as part of your overall homemade flea treatment plan would include bathing your pet with its body fully submerged in water. When you do that, fleas are likely to drown. You can simply comb them out after that. For eliminating eggs and larvae, you can use special natural detergents that are available in the market. Once fleas have been completely eliminated from your pet’s body, you will feel free to cuddle your pets as much as you like. Then, you will not feel guilty that your pet is being denied your true love and appreciation.