Household Hazardous Waste Examples

Find out what you can and cannot bring to a household hazardous waste disposal location in King County, WA.

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Household hazardous waste (HHW), sometimes called retail hazardous waste or "home … Examples include drain cleaners, oil paint, motor oil, antifreeze, fuel, poisons, pesticides, herbicides and rodenticides, fluorescent lamps, lamp ballasts, …

Eco-Depot is a free service for properly disposing of household hazardous waste from RI households (for non-residential hazardous waste disposal click here).Household hazardous waste is anything labeled with a skull and crossbones, or words like ‘toxic’, ‘poison’, ‘flammable’, ‘combustible’, etc. Examples include mercury devices, automotive fluids, fertilizers, pesticides, pool chemicals, and …

Search for "household hazardous waste collection" near your zip code in the Earth … Some local garages, for example, may accept used motor oil for recycling .

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Household Hazardous & Electronic Waste. Help protect the environment and our health. Don’t dispose of dangerous household chemicals in your garbage, down storm drains, into sinks, or by burying them.

What is Household Hazardous Waste? … a household hazardous waste as, “ leftover household products …. mixed, for example, ammonia and bleach.

Scott The Recycle Guy - Household Hazardous Wastes What are Household Hazardous Wastes? Household wastes which can burn easily (flammable), corrode or irritate skin (corrosive), generate heat or explode (reactive), or poison humans and animals (toxic) are examples of household hazardous wastes.

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Household hazardous waste (HHW) is any substance containing ingredients that could negatively affect your safety, health or the environment. Signal words found on hazardous products include poison, danger, warning and caution.

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Learn about various types of paint products, cleaners, and automotive products that are considered Household Hazardous Waste.

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