How can I prevent new fleas from infesting my dog?

Dear Sir,

We recently paid for a flea bath and its worked very well. Our dog is now flea free! I’m wondering if my pet will stay flea free for a period of time or can he be reinfested again?


The answer is YES! Your pet is in danger of getting fleas again if you’re not very careful!

Here are some tips to help you prevent reinfestation:

1. Make sure you wash all of your pet dogs bedding thoroughly.
2. Vacuum everywhere. Then seal the resulting dirt in an airtight bag and dispose of quickly.
3. Never use a steam cleaner to clean your carpets during this time as this will provide perfect conditions for the eggs to hatch. Hatched fleas are harder to get rid of.
4. After you vacuum, treat all of your furniture and floors with some suitable flea treatment. One such treatment is Ultracide. This kills not only the adults but also the other stages of flea development.
5. Treat the external areas that your pet will be in contact with. This may be his kennel or the lawn. A suitable treatment for this job is Demon WP