Kitten Flea Treatment

Once you have taken proper kitten flea treatment procedures on the mother and/or father, you need to remove the fleas from the kitten(s). The most effective and safe way to treat kittens at a very young age is by giving them a bath in mild to warm water. In the water, have dishwashing detergent to kill the fleas that remain even after a treatment of warm water. Dish detergent has been proven to be very effective in killing fleas.Cats do not like water, and this is a fact.

The best place to give the kitten(s) a bath is likely in the kitchen sink. The reason for this is that you do not need to bend over, and have complete control of the kitten. Most kitchen sinks are shaped in a way that makes it very hard for a kitten to resist against being bathed (in other words, running away). 

Have the water level up to the kitten’s neck, no more, and no less. Use a face washer to get to their face. Be sure to softly rinse all parts of the kitten’s body, to make sure that fleas from all parts of his/her body are being killed. Once the kitten is wet, you can remove them and apply the detergent.

Once the detergent has been applied, you can place the kitten back into the sink and wash until no detergent remains on their body. Every year, many new kittens are born and taken into homes as pets. Little do these owners know that their cats are vulnerable to fleas. If you feel your kitten has fleas, do not panic, as there are kitten flea treatment methods. It is best to keep your kitten clean from the get-go, so you never have to worry about getting rid of fleas – but as we all know, this is often not the case.Many kitten get fleas within their first 6 weeks of life.

People think that the best kitten flea treatment at this point is flea powders, oils, and other products – but this is completely wrong. Kittens, when under 6 weeks of age, are still very delicate. Using such chemicals on them can be very dangerous, and can lead to severe illness, or possibly death.Furthermore, fleas alone can be very dangerous for kittens under 6 weeks of age, due to the fact that they are so tiny. It is too dangerous to even attempt treating the kittens by means of chemical until they are a lot older.

If the kitten does have fleas, it is likely that s/he has contracted it from the mother and/or father. If this is the case, you need treat them before the situation gets even worse, and then becomes too hard to fix.

Washing your kitten in the sink is not as easy as it sounds. For long time cat owners, it is no question that cats will resist greatly when they are soaked. You will probably need two people for this job, in order to keep the kitten under control.