Natural Flea Treatment

When it comes to fleas, a good number of people prefer to not use chemicals and products in order to get rid of them. Some people prefer another method; natural flea treatment. There is nothing wrong with natural flea treatment, and it can be just as effective as chemical flea treatment. Natural flea treatment has many positives, the major ones being that there are no harmful chemicals involved, and it is usually much cheaper than buying products.

Though, people must also be aware of natural flea treatments that are simply myths.Firstly, there is the garlic method. This, in fact, is a myth. Garlic has been proven to strengthen the human’s immune system, and because of this, many people assume this rule applies to animals. This is not true at all, and when garlic is consumed by many animals, it can result in severe sickness, or even death.

Dogs and cats are at highest risk, and the in-taking garlic could very well result in death within a short period of time. Though it is a very cheap method that appears easy, do not try it; it is clearly not worth your pets life. Even if your pet is not a dog or cat, they are still at risk of becoming ill and possibly dying. Stay away from this method. It is simply a myth.Needless to say, the most effective natural flea treatment is environment control. Simply control the environment that your dog lives in.

Do not let your pet outside too often, as this is the prime time for them to become infested with fleas. The fleas found on pets often come from other animals – thus, if your pet is indoors, the chance of catching fleas is zero to none. For cats, this is very easy, seeing as they never go outside. Though, dogs need to be taken for walks, which present problems.

Though, if you take your dog for a walk and keep it away from other dogs (or pets for that matter), the chance of becoming infested is very low. This is why it is not recommended to leave your dog in the backyard to roam on its own. When your pet is on its own, you have no control over what other animals it is interacting with, putting it at risk for becoming infected with fleas.

Lastly, groom your pet regularly. Many people groom their pets regularly at first, but then grow lazy. Grooming is something you should not skip whatsoever, as it is a great natural flea treatment. Buy a comb from a local pet store and go through your pet’s hair regularly. Though this will not grab all the fleas, it will grab the majority. You can even trim their fur once in a while, but only do this if you know how. If you feel you are not capable of trimming your pets fur, have it done by a grooming service. It is important to keep their hair at a decent length. If the hair grows too long, the fleas will be a lot harder to get rid of, even when bathing. With short hair, the fleas can be accessed much easier.