Pet Flea Treatment

In every house there is either a cat or a dog. These two species are becoming one of the most favored and sought after pets by people. These small bundles of joy bring with the a package filled with energy and fun along with one that says, ‘Flea Residence’.Though they are common in many aspects they are also the chief breeding grounds for fleas and ticks if they are not looked after properly.

If your dog or cat is infested with ticks it can prove to be a serious health problem for your dog or cat and your family. You need to make a focused attack on these critters to get rid of them thoroughly. You can either make use of synthetic products or you can try out herbal remedies to in this war against these insects. There are a lot of products in the market that are designed for the sole purpose of flea destruction. Some of these products are very harsh and contain ingredients that will raise the eye brows of any US nuclear weapons instructor. These products are available in shampoos, soaps, dusting powders, sprays and tablets.

You should purchase products which contain pyrethrins and pyrethroids as they are the least toxic to mammals.
Tackling the flea menace is not easy and requires you to take a scientific and systematic approach. First and foremost you need to get yourself organized. To care for your pet you need to apply shampoos and powders but take care not to apply these near the sensitive parts of the animal. Try not to apply the products near the eyes and mouth as thy cause irritation to your pets. You should also make sure not to mix two products as they may cause a series of health problems for your pet.

Cats are not very prone to flea and tick infestations but you need to take care all the time. Regular dusting and cleaning of your pets bedding using a vacuum cleaner will rid you of most of the eggs and larvae. You can also use steam heating and chemicals to aid you. Take notice of your surroundings and be sure to disinfect them. Remember to clean out your dogs’ kennels and places frequented by him.

You should take special acre to dispose of the doggy bags and household wastes as these are the products that encourage the growth of fleas and ticks. You need to treat your pet as well as the surrounding areas to be sure of the results.

Flea treatment is not and immediate process and takes time to settle down and do its work, you need to patient and meticulous in all you o while tackling this menace. Remember to clean and dust the bedding of your cat and dog on a daily basis. Dispose off animal waste with proper precautions. Remember that using one approach will not suffice for the total eradication of the flea menace, your animal and the surrounding should be treated along with the meticulous disinfection and sanitation effort.