Ticks Pose A Threat To Family Pets Like Dogs And Cats

Where Do Ticks Hide? Ticks can pose a serious threat to our pets and their health. Ticks can spread diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. To help prevent your pet from getting infected with a tick-borne disease, it is always smart to check your dog for ticks after spending time outdoors or to check your cat for ticks if they are indoor/outdoor cats.

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Lyme Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment for People and Pets Pets Also Affected by Pests. FAIRFAX, Va. (April 10, 2014) – People aren’t the only ones affected by springtime and summer household pests. Dogs and cats can get sick from tick bites just like their owners.. pet owners should look for signs of illness and be sure to check Fido for ticks …

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Ticks also carry several infectious diseases that pose a threat to pets. Lyme disease is the most common illness transmitted by ticks. Lyme disease is the most common illness transmitted by ticks. Dogs are most commonly affected by Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterial agent that causes Lyme disease, but cats, cattle and horses can also be affected.

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Ticks and Fleas Pose a Threat to Family Pets The National Pest Management Association Offers Tips to Get Rid of Ticks and Fleas. FAIRFAX, Va. (May 23, 2012) – As the weather warms everyone is spending more time outdoors, including dogs and cats. Just like us, pets are at risk for attracting ticks and fleas when outside, which can pose serious health risks.

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