Treat your house

The number one way to tackle fleas inside your house is to hoover. As you may know, 5 of the 6 stages in a fleas life take place in the pets environment. This means the kennel, your house and around its bed. By hoovering you’ll suck up all of the eggs, larvae and pupae in the carpet. Make sure you empty the hoover immediately after hoovering. The contents should be sealed in a plastic bag and taken outside to your bin. If you leave the fleas in the hoover then you’re providing the perfect breeding ground for them, and giving them the opportunity to escape back into your house.

The next suggestion is to use a fogger in your home. Make sure the fogger you use works on larvae as well as adults – a lot of foggers only work on adult fleas. You will probably need to get a few foggers to cover the area of your house. Labels on the side of the fogger packaging will indicate how much area they cover. You can use this to determine how many foggers you will need.