What do flea bites look like?


I recently have been getting small red bites on the back of my hands, my arms and legs. At first I put it down to flies that must have bitten me when I was in the backyard but I’m not so sure..

Since I have a dog, could it be a dog flea bite? What do they look like?

Thank You!

Most flea bites that people get appear on their ankles and legs. What happens next depends on the individual. If a person is really sensitive to flea bites then the swelling could last weeks. The typical flea bite can be described as a small red bump which is extremely itchy. You may be able to see a single point in the middle of the swelling where the flea bit.

The flea saliva which is left behind in the skin causes the bodies reaction.

Below is a collage of flea bites – maybe you can match yours up with one of these!