Yearly Termite Inspections Are Important

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The Importance of Getting an Annual Termite Inspection It doesn’t matter whether your house is made of brick, stucco, log timbers or other materials, it is at risk for termite infestation. This is why having a professional perform routine inspections is essential to protecting your home from termite damage.

Drywood Termites And Subterranean Termites — What’s The Difference? Termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year. Damage from termites is not typically covered by insurance. termite control services provided by Western Exterminator are crucial for property owners to mitigate and stop the costly damage these wood-eating insects cause. This page expounds on how drywood and subterranean termites differ from one another, comparing

Should you worry about termite damage; … It is very important to have done every year and can save your home. tony kaufman. … Read the rest of Yearly termite inspections are important. Termites can be prevented from destroying your home. Termites are a insect that eats wood. They by eating wood, cost Americans billions of dollars worth of …

Termite damage can be prevented and it is best that you catch them early if you have them in your home. One of the easiest ways to prevent termites from destroying your home is simple, have your home checked yearly. Having a yearly termite inspection is simple and can give you peace of mind.

Apr 10, 2016 … It's a good idea to have your home regularly inspected for termite … Dear Jo: Ideally, you should plan to have your home inspected for termites once a year, particularly if you observe termite … 2 major termite treatment options.

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Yearly termite inspections are important; Do you have termites in your home? You might have them and not know it. That is one of the problems with termites. … Your local termite inspector can inspect your home and also do some preventative steps to make sure that you do not get termites.

Jan 24, 2017 … Termite infestations can go unnoticed for long periods of time until major damages have noticeably occurred making annual termite inspections …

Hiding and causing their damage in secret gives termites years to destroy your home slowly, and it is also the reason why annual inspections are so important.

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Importance of Yearly Termite Inspections — A1 Termite & Pest Control Is a yearly termite inspection worth doing ? (self.HomeImprovement) submitted 3 years ago by space_au. I have been doing a termite check yearly on my house for the past few years. The reason being, when the house was made, some kind of termite barrier was installed which has warranty. … You could educate yourself to do the inspections, do …

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